2018-12-07 / Letters

‘Champion’ for community

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage all residents of South Portland to first, vote in the special election for city counsel on Dec. 11, and second, to vote for Donald Cook.

It’s likely that many in your readership know Don “Cookie” Cook. He’s a lifelong resident of South Portland and a long time business owner in the community. As a former South Portland resident, I am lucky enough to have known Don most of my life and I know him as a man of deep conviction, strong values and tremendous loyalty. I think these qualities will serve him well on the city council. He love this city. He is proud of South Portland and will act only with the best intentions for its residents. In addition, his business acumen is unparalleled. He’s been successfully running his own South Portland-based businesses since the 1970s. Having this background will be invaluable for the city as the council works on budget, commerce, and business issues especially.

Don is a champion for the underserved in the community and will work tirelessly to serve all of South Portland. He has been working at the Preble Street Resource center for decades, and in addition always takes great pleasure in doing the small, anonymous deeds to help make others lives better: buying toys for families so their kids can have a special holiday, taking lunch out to a homeless man he meets on the street, snow blowing his neighbors driveways. People’s lives are better knowing Don, and South Portland’s future will be too when he’s elected to the city counsel. I truly hope you will vote for him.

Noell Egeland Durham, North Carolina

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