2018-12-07 / Letters

Pastor supports congregant

To the editor:

I would like to comment on the upcoming city council election in South Portland. I do not know Deqa Dhalac but she seems well educated. I can, however, highly recommend Donald Cook.

I am Don’s pastor at Port City Baptist Church in Portland and have known him for more than nine years. What I can tell you is that he has a love for people. I think that may be one of the greatest qualifications for someone running for an elected office. It seems that we have lost the idea of the term “public servant” and many are simply seeking their own agendas and promotion.

Don has spent his entire life in South Portland and has been connected to its people through his business. He is a man that likes to get things done. We have a diverse culture in our church. There are several countries represented from Africa, Papua New Guinea, China, Brazil, Honduras along with your average white Americans like myself. We have an amazing culture at our church where everyone loves one another and Don is a part of that mix. What spoke volumes to me one Sunday while observing our people was that the children absolutely love Don and he loves them. I was amazed at the interaction and told me a lot about his character. He is a people person and sincerely cares. Perry Jones Jr. South Portland

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