2019-02-08 / Letters

Business went above and beyond to clear snow

To the editor:

While there are no laws requiring it, I would like to give the staff and crew at One Stop Event Rentals on Main Street in South Portland, kudos, for going beyond requirements of the highway.

Following the snowstorm on Jan. 30t while passing by the One Stop parking lot, I noticed that crew members were plowing and cleaning off the cargo trucks that the company uses to deliver its products and services. However, the clearing of the snow was more than just the windshield, but included shoveling the roof of those trucks. They would carry a tall ladder from truck to truck and shovel the 5 inches of snow from the top of each truck.

With news reports from the past several weeks of ice crusted snow flying off the tops of vehicles that have not been cleared, causing damage and injury to other vehicles and riders, it’s nice to see that a One Stop truck will not be one of the companies that will cause this type of road hazard. Thank you, One Stop.

Rob Sobczak South Portland

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