2019-02-08 / Letters

Rep shouldn’t vote to limit access and transparency

To the editor:

On Jan. 24, Victoria Morales (D-South Portland) voted to limit public access to Maine House of Representative meetings. The rule change to House Rules will prohibit members from photographing or videotaping the transaction of public business in the House. The rule change will prevent members and by extension the public, from recording business when the media is not there, or if official business is conducted at night.

Committee ammendment “A” to H.O. 9, “House Order, to Amend House Rule 401” was voted on in the Maine House of Representatives on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Roll Call No. 1. The vote was 91 Democrats in favor, 53 Republicans and Independents against.

This type of secrecy and non-disclosure only adds distrust to what should be completely open to the citizens of South Portland who Victoria Represents.

Jim Hoy South Portland

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