2019-02-08 / Letters

Residents urged to take closer look at recycling contents

To the editor:

We need your help. Please remind recyclers that no food, plastic bags, clothing, hoses, ropes, chains, cords or electronic equipment belong in the blue recycle bin. These contaminants not only damage processing equipment at ecomaine, but they can result in an entire truckload of recycling being rejected for processing and sent to the incinerator for disposal.

Rather than lose a truckload of recycling because of contamination, please consider other recycling options for these items or put them in your trash. While a load of recycling costs taxpayers less than a load of trash for disposal and it is a good thing to do for the environment, the incineration of trash at ecomaine generates income from electricity and saves landfill space by reducing volume 90 percent.

South Portland’s contamination rate is at 25 percent, a number much too high for a community that is committed to protecting the environment and lowering our impact on the earth. The campaign to reduce contamination began over one year ago with education efforts, mailings, media coverage, etc. and yet there has been little improvement citywide. Please help lessen recycling contamination in 2019. If in doubt, throw it out, or check the recyclopedia at ecomaine.org.

Linda Boudreau and Maxine Beecher, members Ecomaine Recycling Committee South Portland

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