2019-02-22 / Letters

Resident, teacher, parent supports skate park for SoPo

To the editor:

I’m writing in support of a recent proposal to build a skate park for our youth in South Portland. As a local educator, former summer camp director, parent and South Portland resident, I wanted to voice my support for such a great idea.

For many youngsters, skateboarding is a fabulous pastime and an activity that’s positive for so many reasons. It’s healthy, athletic, fun, engaging and builds a ton of community. Young people connect with each other and with adults and bond over a common interest. A skate park would give our youth a place to gather, build community and to engage in an activity that’s great all the way around. All four of my children are/or have been avid skateboarders and use skateboarding to get outside and have healthy, active fun. There’s also a considerable advantage to having a skate park in that it enables skateboarders to avoid the dangers associated with skating in the street and/or at busy places like Mill Creek. Skateboarders, traffic and pedestrians don’t mix well. Young people skate at places like parking lots and shopping malls because it provided suitable terrain for them to enjoy their passion. A skate park would provide that opportunity without the downside and it would be a win-win for all parties.

For these reasons, I strongly support the development of a skate park for our youth in South Portland.

Tim Cronin South Portland

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