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A salute to valor

To the editor:

A few months ago, I was exposed to a young man from South Portland who described his service to our nation. He looked good, with a “Marines” bumper sticker on his car that included Marine Corp head cover in his rear window to discover later that he never deployed as a Marine with the USMC. The young man has moved from our South Portland community. My heart was pricked. The city of South Portland salutes the valor all who truly served. Especially those combat veterans who survived the horrors of war and our South Portland war dead:

 Edward Clark, Army, died Dec. 23, 1944, 24 years of age, KIA

 William Wender Technician Fourth Class, Army, died Feb. 1, 1945, KIA

 Camillo Metarazzo, Technician Fifth Grade, Army, died Dec. 23, 1944, Silver Star, KIA

 Richard Hazel, 1st Lieutenant, Army, died June 5, 1944, Silver Star, KIA

 George Darling, Seaman, Navy, died June 16, 1966, 20 years of age, KIA

 Robert Tewksbury, Corporal, Army, died Dec. 7, 1967, 21 years of age, KIA

 Bill Ferguson Jr., Corporal, Army, died Oct. 1, 1968, 21 years of age, KIA

 John Roberts, Corporal, Marine, died Oct. 14, 1967, 19 years of age, KIA

 Christopher Toppi, Corporal, Marine, died Jan. 27, 1968, 19 years of age, KIA

 James Baka, Specialist, Army, died April 18, 1969, 19 years of age, KIA

 Angel Rosa, Corporal, Marine, died March 17, 2007, 21 years of age, KIA

 Jason Swiger, Army, died March 25, 2007, 24 years of age, KIA

 Justin Buxbaum, Army, died May 26, 2008, 23 years of age, KIA

 Joshua Kirk, Sargent, Army, died Oct. 3, 2009, 30 years of age, KIA

James E. Hoy South Portland

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