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Candidate good for city

To the editor:

Brad Fox is a fine citizen of South Portland who is running

for the 5th District seat on the city council. His whole life has centered on nurturing children – in school, after school and in their neighborhoods. He was the principal of several schools and has supported community projects to grow healthy food and to create and maintain green space – even for dogs. He is semi-retired, is a proud father and knows much about our area schools as an active substitute teacher.

But he is concerned about his district, the 5th District of South Portland, a sometimes forgotten part of town, partially woven between the railroad, motels, busy roads, the mall, the youth correctional center, the airport and is home to many newcomers to our city from around the world who seek a better life for their families. Young people from Maine and elsewhere find housing there, too, as they begin to build their lives. Seniors, some of whom struggle to make ends meet, are right next door. He cares about these neighbors. He has run a student breakfast program and an after-school homework club there, among other volunteer projects.

But, he is concerned about all of the neighborhoods in District 5. He is very aware of the challenges that exist in some areas, with commercial and highway encroachment, lack of safe mobility for children and others, and the lack of green and recreational space within safe walking distance. Mr. Fox has volunteered his time and ideas in those neighborhoods, too.

Mr. Fox, a soft-spoken, friendly, hard-working citizen, does not limit his vision to District 5.

In conversation with him, one sees a modest person who is not interested in personal power and who has not run for office before. Instead, he has deep convictions and a lifetime of community service experience to put to work in pursuit of continuing and expanding the forward momentum that he sees already in all of South Portland. If elected to the city council on Nov. 4, Brad Fox will work with his fellow councilors, with businesses and citizens to continue this forward momentum that will include wise development, good schools, healthy, fresh food and plenty of fresh air and green places for everyone – even dogs. Fortunately, we can all vote for all district candidates, and that means we can all vote for Brad Fox.

Karen Sanford South Portland

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