2015-04-10 / Letters

Maintain neighborhood green spaces

To the editor:

I am concerned to hear that the city may be entertaining the idea of making Martin’s Point building a medical center where the former Hamlin School and playing fields are. Community green space is very important in supporting a sense of neighborhood, of providing a safe place easily accessible to the local children and young people to gather and to play and for adults to join them or come with their pets. While South Portland does have many wonderful walking trails and open spaces it has nothing in the Hamlin School district, which is a densely populated residential area where kids can walk or bike to on their own.

The current small businesses along Route 77 are of a scale in keeping with the neighborhood and sense of community. The Martin’s Point project, no matter how good looking a building they may build, given the massive 85-car parking lot that they need, not to mention the increased area traffic, cannot help but totally change the character of the area in a negative way. We have wonderful commercial areas where a building and parking area of this size would fit in appropriately, perhaps by the mall or the Brickhill area but not the Hamlin School lot.

If the city is ready to sell the school I would hope it entertains proposals from many developers for projects in keeping with the area and that the fields and community garden area are maintained and enhanced to make it a real park and again include a playground for young children. Maintain the real estate value of the existing neighborhood and develop the grounds to create a place where fond memories of childhood are made.

Linden Thigpen South Portland

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