2015-05-29 / Community

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Rebecca Brown, Director

The work and dedication exhibited by the educators of the South Portland School Department in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment remains outstanding and a continued benefit to students. Teachers’ discussions about instructing to, and assessing at, higher levels of student thinking have furthered the district’s efforts to ensure rigorous learning for all students. Students are able to demonstrate their learning in meaningful

and relevant ways. A focus this year has been the continued implementation of a more meaningful reporting of students’ progress on learning targets at the Middle School while increasing the readiness for implementation at Kindergarten through ninth grade. Part of teachers’ efforts to provide more meaningful feedback to students about their learning has included providing students with clear statements about what they are learning. Posting statements about the intention of the lesson or unit

helps students focus and keep track of their own learning. This year South Portland School Department has been repeatedly recognized for the work it is doing. Teachers and administrators have hosted teams of educators from districts within the state of Maine as well as from Connecticut and New York City. Teachers and administrators have been asked to attend workshops and conferences to present the work being done in South Portland Schools to other teachers, both in Maine and in Massachusetts.

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