2015-06-19 / Letters

Resident offers information to reader

To the editor:

The provision in South Portland’s Code of Ordinances that is germane to Jim Landau’s letter to the editor in last week’s Sentry regarding NGL’s proposed propane terminal at Rigby Yard is Ch. 27-964, item 14. This item includes propane, by name, among the liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs) that are a subset of the larger category “gas (fuel or illuminating),” which is the subject of the storage limitation in that provision. The exemption carved out for LPG storage in 27-964(14) is for "plants for charging cylinders," which the proposed NGL terminal is not, and so the 10,000 cubic foot storage limit indeed applies to NGL’s proposal.

Although Mr. Landau’s points about the behavior of propane under ideal gas laws are informative, the issue here is not about gas laws or whether propane will expand to a certain volume at equilibrium with outside pressure and temperature. Rather, it is about the language of the code, and 27-964(14) is explicit. The code enforcement officer made a bad call.

Eben Rose South Portland

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