2015-08-28 / Letters

Don’t be hoodwinked

To the editor:

A local newscast spotlighted South Portland’s new sustainability coordinator, Julie Rosenbach, discussing the plan to chargea5centfeeperplasticbagatgrocery stores and ban polystyrene food containers. Referring to Portland’s bag fee ordinance, South Portland also wants efforts made to reduce these from the environment.

Hurrah, I just urge that South Portland’s ordinance pertains to plastic bags only and not sneak to include paper bags as Portland has done. Portland has taken a well-intended ordinance and hoodwinked its citizens with this bogus paper bag charge. The fact that merchants can keep the 5-cent fee collected from paper bags and choose to donate the total fees to their charity pick, as Whole Foods informed me they practice, doesn’t justify this erroneous fee. Individuals are to choose which charities their money supports no matter how meager the contribution, not an establishment.

Paper bags are biodegradable within a month. Plastic bags take 20-plus years or more, so yes, an ordinance to reduce their use is a positive for all of us. Now let’s look at the disposable diaper issue and its 50- plus years to biodegrade.

Patricia Youland Westbrook

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