2015-10-02 / Community

Fox seeks House election

Although the biennial legislative elections are more than a year away, that hasn’t stopped South Portland City Councilor Brad Fox from throwing his hat in the ring.

Fox has said he intends to run as a Democrat for the House District 33 seat now held by freshman Republican Kevin Battle.

“Our current state rep is a nice guy, and sometimes votes to do the right thing, but sometimes he doesn’t, and our district can’t afford to have a representative that isn’t always actively working in our best interests, and voting for them,” Fox said via email, in reply to questions about his candidacy.

Although Fox won his first bid for elective office last November, he said he wants to climb the political ladder because he’s discovered few of the issues he cares most about are solvable at the municipal level.

“I’ve come to realize that so many of the issues that I have brought to the council — including those pertaining to the environment, supporting our middle class working folks by raising the minimum wage, and supporting our immigrant population by ensuring that refugees from war-torn countries are not denied the ability to receive temporary general assistance — would be better handled at the state level.

According to City Manager Jim Gailey, nothing in the city charter or council rules would bar Fox from serving on the council, and in the legislature simultaneously. However, Fox did allow that if elected to the House, he would decide whether to resign his council seat.

A former school principal in California, Fox, 67, moved to South Portland a decade ago and now works as a substitute teacher in the city school district.

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