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Cervical Health Awareness Month

Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer frequently goes undiagnosed until it has spread to the pelvis and other areas of the abdomen. Recognizing the early symptoms of ovarian cancer can help women get the treatment they need before the disease progresses.

Cancers that originate in the cells of the ovary are classified as ovarian cancer. Tumors can occur in the epithelium, or lining cells of the ovary itself, or the fallopian tubes or lining of the abdomen. The American Cancer Society estimates that 21,980 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2014, and approximately 14,000 deaths are expected to be caused by ovarian cancer in that same year.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance says women need to know ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. That’s because the earliest symptoms are frequently subtle and can be confused with other conditions. If ovarian cancer is detected before it has spread, there is a 90 percent survival rate. However, only 15 percent of ovarian cancer cases in the United States are diagnosed early.

Some of the earliest symptoms of ovarian cancer include: * bloating * pelvic and abdominal pain * feeling full quickly when eating * urinary urgency or frequency * fatigue * back pain * menstrual irregularities * indigestion * pain with intercourse * constipation

Certain risk factors can increase a woman’s chances of developing ovarian cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, women between the ages 50 and 60; women who have inherited genetic mutations, including the genes known to increase risk of breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2); women whose first menstruation was early; women who have undergone hormone replacement therapy; women who smoke; or women who have used of an intrauterine device are at greater risk of developing ovarian cancer. No specific test exists to detect ovarian cancer. A pap test will screen for cervical cancer, but such a test is ineffective at detecting ovarian cancer. A doctor will conduct a pelvic examination and feel the uterus and ovaries. Imaging tests, such as ultrasound and CT scans, can help determine if there are abnormalities in the ovaries. A blood test, which will detect the protein CA 125, can help to determine if ovarian cancer is present. If cancer is suspected, a sample of tissue and abdominal fluid will be used to confirm ovarian cancer.

There are four stages of ovarian cancer. Stage I means cancer has been found in one or both of the ovaries. Stage II means cancer has spread to other parts of the pelvis. In Stage III, ovarian cancer has spread to the abdomen. Stage IV cancer is found outside of the abdomen.

Treatment of ovarian cancer typically involves the surgical removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and nearby lymph nodes. In addition, doctors may remove a fold of fatty abdominal tissues called the omentum, where ovarian cancer often spreads. Afterward, chemotherapy is frequently used to kill remaining cancer cells.

Ovarian cancer is a serious condition that is not often diagnosed until it has spread. Women can be on the lookout for subtle clues that can indicate ovarian cancer and then alert their doctors immediately upon detection of such symptoms.

Providing home care for you and your loved ones

At New England Family Healthcare, we strive to provide the best in-home services for you or your loved ones at affordable rates. Since 2001, we’ve been helping people with personal care (bathing/dressing), light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, companionship and the like. If you or a family member have had surgery, are going through a course of treatment, or can no longer do some of the everyday household chores you’ve always done, call us at 699-4663 for a free consultation.

Coastal Rehab offers the most up-to-date treatment techniques for clients of all ages

Cape Elizabeth - Coastal Rehab has an extensive team of physical, occupational and speech therapists trained in the most up-todate treatment techniques to empower clients to achieve their highest potential. The team provides treatment for orthopedic rehab, neuro rehab, sports medicine, work-related injuries, vestibular and balance rehab, cardio-pulmonary rehab and other complex medical diagnoses for clients of all ages -from children to seniors and everyone in-between. Clients can be seen in the comfort of their homes or at any of the 4 clinics located in Kennebunk, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth. Skilled services are covered by all major insurances. Under Medicare Part B, clients can be seen at home regardless of being “homebound” or not. This is a great benefit for seniors who rely on family or friends for transportation. Specialized programs include -LSVT BIG and LOUD: treatment programs for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders,-Coastalcore: a holistic approach to traditional rehab incorporating Yoga, Pilates and TRX, -Coastalrunners: running assessment to improve running technique, -Coastaltransitions: comprehensive assessment to ensure safety, comfort and independence in the transition to a new home, and -CoastalFit: a private maintenance therapy program to help clients maintain their potential. At Coastal Rehab, therapists are determined to improve any situation, regardless of its complexity.

To schedule an evaluation or to learn more, call 767-9773 or stop in at 2 Davis Point Lane in Cape Elizabeth. For a full menu of services, visit www.coastalrehab.me

Think you need a hearing aid?

If you need or think you might need a hearing aid, you should call Mark Vail today — he’ll test and evaluate you for the hearing aid you need in the comfort of your home and you’ll be happy with it.

By visiting people in their homes, Mark can make the best assessment of what the person’s needs are. Sometimes, he visits people at their places of work because of concerns there. This attention to detail shows up in the low return rate he has.

You can reach Mark Vail at 284-9600 or toll free at 877-284-3400. Call today and you’ll be hearing better soon.

Perplexed, bewildered, dazed, or confused about health insurance?

Karen Vachon, licensed health insurance agent, helps individuals, families, small business owners, and senior citizens navigate their health insurance options. From Obamacare to Medicare, she gets up close and personal to the individual needs of her clients needs and situation, she helps people tap into available resources to best protect life’s twists, turns, and surprises.

“The health insurance purchase has changed a lot in the last few years and people are really confused”, explains Karen, who helps people determine their eligibility for tax credits, choose and enroll in a plan that best meets their needs and budget.

Open enrollment for 2016 ends January 31st – for those who would like to change their plans or enroll for the first time. Special enrollment outside of the annual enrollment period are available for those who have lost employer or state provided coverage, moved in our out of an area, or had a life change.

Tired of 1-800 eternal hold? Feeling perplexed, bewildered, dazed, or confused? Call Karen! 207-730-2664. There is no fee for her service.

Lifeline - Integrating Risk Management and Workplace Wellness

An ideal workplace strives to ensure that employees are both healthy and operating in safe and secure environments. In the workplace, unhealthy behaviors and chronic health conditions can increase both healthcare and workers’ compensation costs. The impact of unhealthy behaviors on these costs can be significant. For example, employers pay an average of $2,189 in workers’ compensation costs for smokers, versus $176 for non smokers.

There is a growing body of support for employers to combine occupational health and safety with wellness programs, as these blended models can address both chronic health conditions and support risk management initiatives to reduce injuries/ cost under one umbrella. Look at your efforts to protect the well-being of your employees via an integrated approach.

Contact Tom Downing at the Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness for more information on integrated models. Call (207) 272-8159 or tdwellness12@gmail.com. Also visit the Lifeline Center at www.lifelineworkplacewellness.org


1) How much does it cost to insulate my house? Depends on how much you want done, and how much we can save you with Efficiency Maine rebates. The average is about $4,500.

2) How long does it take? Usually no more than a day or two, and it’s usually applied from outside.

3) How much will I save on my heat bill? That varies between different homes. We find 30% - 40% is common.

4) What is the benefit of RetroFoam insulation?

The real benefit to your comfort is the air sealing, which reduces drafts and cold penetration from outside. Plus, it will keep rooms cooler in the summer too.

5) Are there other benefits, too? Yes, the RetroFoam is odor free, class 1 fire retardant, and keeps mice and other pests from invading your home, and sound dampening.

6) How can I be assured it’s well sealed? First, our technicians are highly trained; we check everything with a thermal imaging camera, and the post testing by the Efficiency Maine Certified Energy Auditor gives you and us another level of quality control.

Workout Fitness Store

Are you looking to exercise when you want in the convenience of your own home? The Workout Fitness Store in South Portland (next to the Olive Garden) has been furnishing exercise equipment for homes and commercial facilities for over thirty years. The Workout Fitness Store offers experts advise on treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and home gyms. The goal at the Workout Fitness Store is to provide their customers with the right products. The staff encourages the customer to try the equipment before a purchase is made. All their products are tested for functionality, ease of use and long term durability. Some of the brands offered are Lifefitness, Cybex, Octane, Spirit, Vision and Landice. The store offers delivery and set up as well as a local service team. The store hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5:30 and Sunday 10-2. Tel 772-7110 Web site workoutfitnessme.com

MassageCraft - CHRONIC PAIN?

We have the answer. Looking for relief from chronic pain that can actually improve your health? Reduce pain, sleep better, and increase your body awareness through massage, acupuncture, yoga and polarity. Strengthen your body’s own healing mechanism. Let the experienced staff at MassageCraft put you on the road to recovery. Our practitioners have over 75 years of combined experience in eastern and western massage techniques, acupuncture, yoga, and polarity.

Not sure whether you need acupuncture or massage? Choose acupuncture for pain complicated by digestive distress, menstrual issues, respiratory problems, anxiety or depression. Too sore for a back massage? Acupuncture can alleviate back pain with a few needles placed in the hands.

Are you feeling the effects of too many hours at the computer? Or perhaps you’ve over exerted chipping ice????? A deep tissue massage will work out the stiffness, soreness and knots. Your muscles will be longer, suppler, and you will be less prone to re-injury. Not to mention the positive effects both acupuncture and massage have on your sleep and stress levels.

MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic was established in 1991, with convenient locations in Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach. We accept workers compensation and some private insurance upon benefit verification. We offer corporate discounts to UNE, SMHC, and MBH. OPEN SUNDAYS Call 286-8416 or 934-0849 for an appointment. And please visit us at our web site: www.massagecraft.com.

The Fifth Om

A place for conscious beauty, is open for business in Kennebunk.

Founder & Director Michele Bundy, MA, a 2001 graduate of Kennebunk High School and a 2005 graduate of UNE, is a Licensed Esthetician with a decade of experience in the natural beauty industry.

At The Fifth Om, clients experience treatments that draw from Michele’s education and experience as a holistic esthetician. With a full complement of facial services, laser, IPL, photofacials, Reiki and energy work, The Fifth Om’s unique menu sets it apart from traditional skincare studios.

The quiet, private studio at The Fifth Om offers treatments created to naturally rejuvenate the skin, featuring only the purest, highest performing natural & organic botanical based products. In addition to skin and energy treatments, a curated selection of natural skincare & beauty products is available for purchase.

The Fifth Om

62 Portland Rd., Ste 44, Kennebunk

207.502.8033 thefifthom.com

Art of Awareness

At Art of Awareness, we believe that true wellness comes from caring for mind, spirit, and body. That’s why we opened Bridge Studio—our yoga and body-centered practice space that supports holistic health and well-being, sustainable self-care, and health at every size. Bridge Studio provides a full spectrum of wellness classes, including yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi, Yamuna Body RollingĀ®, and meditation.

We invite you to join us February 2-7, 2016 for five free introductory classes. Visit artofawareness.org for class descriptions, teacher bios, and to register for classes. Questions? Call 207-799-1331 ext. 104.

FREE CLASSES in February at Bridge Studio

Tuesday, February 2, 6:00-7:15pm

Yoga Flow with Ashley McHan Wednesday, February 3, 12:00-12:45pm

Yoga Flow with Katie Beane

Thursday, February 4, 12:00-1:00pm

Yoga flow with Mindy Miller Muse

Friday, February 5, 12:00-12:45pm

Yoga Core with Mindy Miller Muse

Sunday, February 7, 4:00-5:30pm

Yoga Flow with Marit Wilson

*Space is limited--pre-registration is encouraged!

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