2016-02-26 / Letters

Councilors are abusing email use

To the editor:

After attending the Feb. 17 South Portland City Council meeting, it’s becoming clear that certain councilors are abusing their positions with little regard for the concerns of the residents they purport to represent.

During the public forum, a prospective appointee of the Civil Service Commission (District 3) presented evidence that newly elected councilor Eben Rose has been using his position to harass the member through email correspondence. This should come as no surprise, since Councilor Rose aligns himself closely on the heels of councilor Brad Fox, whose blatant disregard of city protocol in regard to email usage is well documented.

The member read emails from Rose that insinuated that if the member were to continue to pursue a potential run for office at the state level against Councilor Fox, who also harbors ambition to take his corruptions to the state level, that he would not see fit to approve the member’s appointment to the commission.

This type of quid pro quo politics is not what South Portland is about. I am saddened and disappointed that certain councilors continue to ignore this misuse of email and the dirty politics that it enables. I do applaud Councilor Claude Morgan, who continues to attempt to step forward on this issue and is not afraid to call out these misdeeds.

This council is starting to get a reputation of being untrustworthy. It’s time for the residents of South Portland to wake up. Spring is almost upon us. Perhaps it’s time to start plucking the weeds from the garden.

Ernie Stanhope South Portland

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