2016-03-11 / Letters

Exercise can help what ails you, no matter who you are

To the editor:

Do you know how many people feel bored and tired? There are a lot, and I was one of them.

One day I walked to a restaurant and I saw my friend, Bassam. I had not seen him for a long time and I told him, “You look like you have lost some weight,” and he asked if I had ever been to the gym. I had never been there. The next day, I had my first workout. The first week I felt a strange sense of psychological comfort, and I was thinking that everyone needs this just like eating, drinking, sleeping.

Athletes do not only show great performance in their sports, but they are also respectful individuals, which makes them outstanding people in their communities. They are more active in their day-to-day chores and they can make better decisions as a result of their balanced mental development. Athletic people do not only execute well in school but also at home with their families, which makes those people display better leadership qualities.

A sound mind is a sound body. Therefore, truly encourage every teenager, child, adult and old people, to build a clean and healthy body and mind because life is beautiful treasure and we have to treat it nicely.

Salam Hashiem Iraq

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