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Reader takes on letter writer’s opinion

To the editor:

“They paved Paradise, and put up a parking lot.” (Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, 1970)

I’m confident that most discerning readers of The Sentry last week immediately dismissed Mr. Michael Pock’s letter to the editor (with its diatribe against NGL’s departure, the Clear Skies Ordinance and the increase in the education budget) as narrow-minded, simplistic, myopic drivel.

But I say huzzah for Mr. Pock’s vision of unfettered and unregulated business; a vision that would usher in a new age – a Tin Age, if you will – with South Portland becoming nothing less than a “company town.” As a company town of the lowest order, it would be wholly owned and managed by those who care only for the profit margin, rather than the costly health and well being of its indentured citizens.

And in honor of Mr. Pock himself, I would seek to rename this company town, our city, South POXland.

South POXland would be a veritable haven for all businesses, especially those connected to the consciencefree fossil fuel industry. What need would there be for pesky regulations, or the “so-called civic-minded individuals” seeking to implement them?

Clean water? Buy bottled water, or boil whatever comes out of your tap. (Flint, Michigan)

Clean air? Buy filtration units for the home and wear gas masks outside. (Beijing, China)

Education is too costly? Close the schools and put the kids to work. (Future voters for Trump.)

A lose-lose for everyone … eventually.

So carry on, Mr. Pock, continue appealing to our citizens’ baser instincts, like that of the mighty dollar over safety and health, of property taxes over services. This is the same shortsighted message vaunted by plutocrats and tea-baggers everywhere. May your clarion call to vote against one’s wishes merge with the cacophonous blasts of illogic, only to fall flat on deaf ears. Feeling the Bern!

William Duffy South Portland

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