2012-06-22 / Health & Medical

Consider a lower locking denture for a more comfortable fit...

Many denture wearers come to their dental practitioner frustrated with their lower denture. The most common complaints stem from it being ill fitting, loose and sometimes even painful. One of the major factors contributing to these complaints is most lower dentures simply don’t engage all available anatomy of the lower jaw.

Here at Denture Solutions wecanimplementatechnique using a flexible material that can take advantage of areas a “normal” hard denture cannot access. This design utilizes the anatomy of your lower jaw to help “lock” the denture securely in place.

The result is a denture that feels like it anchors to your jaw without the aid of implants! With such a snug fit, you can add your favorite foods back into your diet and feel the confidence that only a locking lower denture can. For more information call 985 0210 or you can go to our website @ www.DentureSolutionsMaine.com

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