2017-01-27 / Letters

Marches signify needed resistance

To the editor:

The Women’s (and men’s and children’s) March on Saturday was 10,000 strong in Portland and millions more demonstrated throughout the United States and the world. It was a peaceful and joyful event promoting interdependence, solidarity and equal rights. The march signals the beginning of sustained resistance to President Donald Trump and what he represents.

There are certainly Trump supporters with legitimate grievances and anger at how both political parties have failed them. But many of those people will be hurt and disappointed as Trump’s agenda is revealed. Look at his Cabinet appointments and ask yourself if he is planning to promote the economic and social welfare of average working Americans. Will he protect our environment? Will he defend the Constitution and equal rights for all? He is not “draining the swamp,” he is replenishing it. As long as he serves the interests of the 1 percent, he will be tolerated and used, but I suspect that, eventually, he will be impeached (for one of the many transgressions he will no doubt commit) by the same Republicans in Congress who cheer him on now. Then, with Vice President Mike Pence installed, we will face consistent right-wing policies which will reward the financial elite at the expense of the rest of us, including most of those who voted for Trump.

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Very sad.

This scenario may seem far-fetched; time will tell. In the meantime, I am confident that the energy and commitment displayed on Saturday will build as this challenging period unfolds. Perhaps we will all thank the Trump supporters some day for igniting a democratic movement demanding social and economic justice.

William Fritzmeier South Portland

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