2017-04-14 / Letters

Support autism bill in Legislature

To the editor:

Most people have heard of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a developmental disorder that affects every one in 68 people. It affects the individual, the family and the community, in all different ways. There are many children and adults in the community that are affected by this disorder. Autism does not have a cure. So, for now, what we can do is raise awareness and learn more about it.

There is a bill, “LD 269: An Act to Provide Training for Caregivers of Children with Autism and Related Disorders,” that has been introduced at the Statehouse. The bill would provide semiannual trainings on autism for parents and caregivers regionally around the state. These trainings could teach parents and caregivers useful information to better take care of their children. The public hearing on this bill was on April 3. In a call to action, please speak with your legislator to help make this bill a reality. Become informed. Raise awareness. Advocate for the less fortunate.

Felicia Farnham South Portland

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