2018-04-06 / Letters

Just one request for city of South Portland

To the editor:

I read with happiness and joy that the cities of Portland and South Portland will be working together to combat climate change. This is absolutely great. I know that the scientific facts indicate, according to Al Gore, all the pollution stops at the cities’ borders. I know that when countries like China, India and many others read what we in South Portland are doing, they will immediately stop polluting, the same for other cities and states around us. And even if they don’t, it will not affect us thanks to the coming new policies.

I have just one request, if at all possible. If the cities of Portland and South Portland are going to stop climate change, could they stop it during the spring? I do like spring. Would it not be nice if we lowly denizens of these cities could, thanks to the important work of our councilmen (or council people) spending our tax payer money, live eternally in spring?

Also, I have noticed that the city of South Portland likes battery operated cars. Could we have battery operated council people too? That surely would save us a great deal of money.

Dan Scaliter South Portland

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