2018-05-18 / Letters

Candidate is known leader

To the editor:

I have been lucky enough to know Anne Carney for more than 25 years, as a friend and attorney. For more than 10 years, she was one of my legal partners. Now she wants to use her impressive skills as Cape Elizabeth’s House representative. She will be a force for real change in Augusta.

Anne’s opponent in the Democratic primary focuses on two issues in opposing her: experience and public campaign funding.

First, Anne is ready to lead on day one. She has always been a fierce advocate for her clients, including her pro bono clients at Pine Tree Legal Assistance. Her leadership at Cape Elizabeth Land Trust led to increased access to, and protection of, our unique natural resources. Her experience and advocacy will benefit all Cape’s residents.

Next, I want my candidate to have skin in the game and not rely on taxpayer dollars. Anne’s difficult choice to use traditional campaign funding demonstrates her commitment to the job.

Anne is the best candidate. She is a veteran community leader. Vote for her on June 12 and tell five of your friends to do the same.

Jonathan Brogan Cape Elizabeth

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