2012-10-05 / Letters

Support re-election

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Monaghan- Derrig’s candidacy for re-election to House District 121.

As a Mainer, environmental protection is paramount to me, and Kim’s legislative record is exemplary. We have corresponded by phone and email and I have met with her during session at the State House. She was invariably well informed and willing to listen. Ensuing discussion often showed how she was trying to reconcile differing opinions and find common ground on some tough issues. As a lifelong Mainer, Kim is optimistic about Maine’s future, forward thinking and willing to discuss issues with all stakeholders. The legislative process in Augusta is complex and Kim’s first term has afforded her the opportunity to get acquainted with the system and represent us well. She deserves both our thanks and respect and has earned our vote for a second term.

Dr. Tony Owens

Cape Elizabeth

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