2012-10-19 / Letters

Candidate is good person

To the editor:

I would like to publicly support Kenneth “Jake” Myrick for House District seat 123.

Many of your readers may know me simply as “Slim” from the South Portland Boys and Girls Club. I have recently retired after more than 30 years at the club, ending my happy career as a its longtime director.

Over the years I have had the joy of working with thousands of our local youth, many now parents themselves.

Jake Myrick was one of those kids. Myrick came from a difficult home life. From the beginning I could tell this boy was different. I watched him grow and mature to the passionate leader he is today. I was proud when he joined the Army and nervous when he fought for our country overseas. I beamed with joy to hold his babies. I have watched him become a true civic leader, feeding our needy veterans during the holidays, advocating for the homeless, serving on many local committees and, now as I have, mentoring kids at the Portland Boys and Girls Club as their athletic director.

I have been a lifelong Democrat. We are being given a rare opportunity to have an outstanding, honest man lead and serve our community. Please remember, there are times it doesn’t matter what political party any of us belong to, we must cast the best vote. In this case and in this race, the best vote is a vote for Myrick.

John “Slim” Lee

South Portland

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