2012-11-02 / Letters

Candidate has negotiating skills

To the editor:

Please vote for Melissa Linscott for South Portland City Council. Melissa is a young mother and businesswoman who will bring a new perspective to council discussions.

As a successful real estate agent, Melissa knows the value of high quality schools, city services and land management. She also knows how property taxes impact potential buyers and will be well prepared to work with city staff, the school department and residents through the annual budget.

With children ages 11 and 13, she has a direct relationship with the South Portland school system that will help the council understand issues and appreciate the strengths of our schools.

Finally, in her business career and as a wife and a mother, Melissa has developed skills as a negotiator and mediator that will be a real benefit to the council as they tackle issues that are challenging for them and our community.

Please join me in voting for Melissa Linscott. South Portland needs her.

Linda R. Boudreau
South Portland

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