2014-02-07 / Letters

The next step in tar sands issue

To the editor:

The South Portland City Council responded to the residents of our city with a show of support for our position on tar sands being transferred from pipelines to oil tankers by approving a moratorium last December to ban the transportation of Canadian oil sands through the waterfront in South Portland. Even though the city council has created the proposed three-person task force charged with developing a permanent ordinance disallowing the transportation of these tar-sands, the council and the community of South Portland can’t underestimate the importance and urgency of having a definitive position on tar sand transportation on the books in South Portland.

The creation of the three-person team writing the ordinance is up against a tall task to create a law that not only protects the citizens of South Portland, as well as the environment near the waterfront, but also stands up to the attack of lobbying groups such as The American Petroleum Institute and companies such as Portland Pipe Line, both which stand to benefit fi- nancially from the ability to transfer oil from Montreal to Portland for shipping and refinement. In the meantime, this ordinance is the only defense against the potential litigation from lobbyists and companies, and the clock is ticking before the May 5 deadline.

Susanna Kosicki
South Portland

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